Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ward Trunk or Treat Party

Our ward trunk or treat party was last Saturday but my SD card reader was destroyed by one of the unknown entities in my house that goes by "I don't know, I didn't do it, or It wasn't me". Anyway, I have purchased a new one and thus the 2 posts tonight of things I have wanted to post for some time now.

Our boys decided a while ago that a good costume idea for them was Alvin and the Chipmunks. I was thrilled with the idea and that we would have a theme going on this year and one that I could practically do with nominal expenses. In discussing which chipmunk everyone would be, there was of course a debate but with a little help from friends, I convinced them which way it would logically go.

Benjamin, our ball of energy that never stops moving, would appropriately be Alvin.

Jacob, our joyful and fun loving child, would be Theodore. This kid loves his victuals as much as my favorite chipmunk and he has the adorable cheeks to play the part.

Noah, as the tallest and oldest would assume the role of Simon. Like Simon, Noah is very factual and loves to please the adults in his life, thus striving to always follow the rules.

Jacob doing the check out my tail pose. He is such a ham!

We gave them little tails, spiked their hair, bought the appropriate colored hoodies, glasses for Simon (although Noah wouldn't leave them on because he said it was too hard to see), used makeup to try to darken their skin, and told them they had to stick together so people would get the full effect. They were adorable and the cutest chipmunks ever.


Marci said...

Cute costumes! I tried for a theme this year with no luck, we have a cat, princess witch, a cowgirl and a dog. I wanted to be Batman but was unable to find a costume I liked so I will be a cat and Danny will be a cow again... Love the new shed, I would set it up as my own personal office, with a lock on the door!

Fairbanks Family said...

They look so cute, it's fun to have a theme. I love the trunk or treats, it's so much easier than taking them around the neighborhood.

Mike and Claar said...

Awesome costumes, great idea!