Saturday, November 24, 2007

A year in review...

I was tagged last week by my friend, Marci and charged to start blogging again. I am terrible at doing this but I will try again. I find it very interesting to read other friends' blogs but I don't think mine will be nearly as interesting to read.
Life has been crazy busy. Noah is in prekindergarten and having a great time meeting new people and learning new things. We just had parent/teacher conference and Mrs. Van Parys said that one word to describe Noah is compassionate. That's a wonderful thing as a mother to hear. All I see is the WWF that happens between my three boys so knowing that he is kind to other kids is a huge relief. They have Running Thursdays and they go outside and run around the school's perimeter. Noah loves to run and he is pretty fast but she said that Noah will notice someone lagging behind and he will circle back, slip his hand in theirs, and say "Come on, I'll walk with you." These are the moments we live for.
Jacob finally potty trained, thank goodness. He is so stubborn. He knew the concept and knew when he needed to go but he looked at me and told me, "No, I don't want to wear those (speaking about underwear)." Jacob is our wrestler. He can take Noah to the floor and win in a matter of seconds. He loves life and loves to cause michief. Jacob is my cuddlebug. He loves to sit in Mommy & Daddy's lap after wasking up and just chillin'.
Benjamin, or as we all lovingly call him, Pico, is our little man. He looks just like his Daddy. He acts like Seth, walks like Seth, and talks like Seth. He has the most extensive vocabulary of any 2 year old I've ever met. Most people think he's older because of his locquaciousness but younger because of his small stature. His favorite movie is Bridge to Terebithia. Everyday he says to me, "Mommy, I can watch Tere-bit-i-a, please?" And if we need him to calm down or to stop doing something else, we just have to ask him if he wants to watch "Terebithia". The other day, was the first time he saw something he thought was funny. He was watching Shrek the Third. He was standing in the middle of the living room watching the very end of the movie and burst out laughing. His whole body was shaking and he had tears coming down his face. It was adorable. Pico gets called Pico so often at home that he often introduces himself as that and people look at us like we are crazy. We use Pico as Benjamin's name so much that when Jacob is upset with him he'll say "PICO MILO, come over here NOW!" We all laugh. Hopefully one day Benjamin will know his given name and we'll get over calling him his nickname.
Now that I've bored everyone, I'll go spend time with my hubby while the kids nap on this beautiful California Saturday afternoon.