Saturday, December 27, 2008

10 days late

Here is an update:

NO baby yet!!

I'm getting bigger by the second and more and more ornery.

The boys are getting less and less patient for the baby to join us.

My parents are about to return home, missing our newest addition altogether.

We did have a great Christmas day with all the family- that was nice since I was afraid I'd end up delivering and missing everything with my boys.

We've tried all the wonderful suggestions to induce labor, but no success for us.

I guess he will be forced to evacuate the beginning of next week.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

No end in sight!

Hi everyone!

I figured I'd post an update since the baby countdown is officially over and now the unbearable waiting begins. There is no sign that baby boy #4 will here anytime soon. I had hoped to be ready enough that my doctor could induce this week so that we don't run the chance of a Christmas day delivery. At my appointment on Monday, the stars were not alligned and my doctor couldn't risk starting me because this little guy is floating so high up that he is at risk for flipping over during labor and becoming an emergency c-section delivery. I was distraught, needless to say.

Since then, I have taken matters into my own hands. I am back to playing racquetball for as long as is physically bearable and I'm doing homepathic things to "naturally" help induce labor. If anyone has any brilliant ideas or some funny ones you wanna throw out there. I'm just about ready to try anything.

If things change, I'll get it posted asap but it looks like we'll be welcoming a little one next week.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Oh Baby!

Well, with only 10 days left, I figured I should try to update my blog before i have one more distraction. But with no signs of this baby coming, I'm thinking that I will go past my due date once again. Hopefully not the full 8 days as I've done in the past with my 3 other boys. I am going to beg for mercy from my doctor.

My boys are getting very excited about the baby's arrival. With Thanksgiving and Noah's birthday, things have been very busy so the time is going fairly quickly, thankfully.
This is the first birthday party we've thrown, and Noah invited 4 friends over for pizza and to go bowling. We had lots of fun and our family's first bowling experience was a great one.

We also went Christmas tree hunting this weekend and tromped through the woods with our 3 boys and Hannah, who dragged me around. I was hoping for labor induction with all the activity but I was not so lucky.

The biggest piece of news around our house lately has been the dog attack 2 weeks ago. On Monday afternoon, Seth and Jacob were taking Hannah for a walk when a neighbor's dog jumped her fence and proceeded to maul our puppy, Hannah. Seth retreated back to our house with Jacob behind him and Hannah in his arms while the pit bull kept biting Hannah and then eventually turned on Seth. He ended up with 16 stitches, some major bites, and wicked looking bruises. Everyone is fine now and we are SO lucky that the dog never turned her attack on Jacob. I'll post pictures but this is a warning that it's not pretty.

The other thing that we've been doing as a family are Noah's school family art projects. We made this turkey for Thanksgiving and are now working on the Christmas tree which I'll post as soon as it's completed. The beauty and cleverness all belongs to my sister, Aunt Victoria. Thank goodness she was visiting the same week we had to make this turkey.
I almost forgot about Noah's first dance recital. We have photos but they are on my camera's internal memory so I need to find the appropriate cable to retrieve them. He did a great job and really enjoys music. I'm so glad we have him at this creative arts charter school. It offers him so many opportunities to explore new talents.