Saturday, December 27, 2008

10 days late

Here is an update:

NO baby yet!!

I'm getting bigger by the second and more and more ornery.

The boys are getting less and less patient for the baby to join us.

My parents are about to return home, missing our newest addition altogether.

We did have a great Christmas day with all the family- that was nice since I was afraid I'd end up delivering and missing everything with my boys.

We've tried all the wonderful suggestions to induce labor, but no success for us.

I guess he will be forced to evacuate the beginning of next week.


Fairbanks Family said...

I'm so sorry Tasha. I hope he gets here soon and at least you didn't end up missing Christmas.

Amy Jo said...

Oh my heavens!! That baby needs to get here! =) I can't wait until he does!

Terry Family said...

10 days?! I am soo sorry.