Thursday, October 9, 2008

Long Weeks...

This week has seemed like it might not ever end. Seth is out of town on a camping trip and the kids have been particularly naughty. My children are mostly well-behaved but it's like something has possessed them this week and I can't seem to keep perspective enough to deal with the battles that seem to rage in our house. Thank goodness for school hours, at least they are getting to do something fun and they aren't with "mean ole Mom" all day. Benjamin has told me numerous times in the last few days that he "wants Daddy". I love that one. what does that mean? Am I really that bad? He has been particularly difficult to deal with so maybe it's because we all are out of sorts this week.

Onto something more entertaining and funny. I am 30 weeks into this pregnancy and now people are bold enough to assume that I am pregnant and not just overeating. People are always telling me how I can't possibly be as far along as I am but I know how I look without my clothes on and exactly how huge I'm going to get at the very end of my pregnancy. Well, Benjamin is always asking when our baby is coming and wonders how big my tummy will get. As I said and most women know from experience, you look much smaller with clothes on. Here is an account of Pico coming to this realization. I was just coming out of the shower when it became an emergency for Benjamin to use the bathroom right then, so in he comes as I'm drying off and he looks at me and exclaims "Mommy, your tummy is huge!" (just the words every woman wants to hear, right? but he's 3 so I try to keep that in perspective)
I reply, "Yes, honey, the baby is growing."
"Mom, you really need to work on getting that baby out."
"Benjamin, the baby is still too small to come out. He needs to get bigger so he can be healthy."
To which he replied, with eyes bugging out of his head, "Just how huge is your belly going to be?"
I then demonstrated the size of a possible belly and he exclaimed, "I'll never be able to hug you if you are that big."

It's fun having a little one in which pregnancy is new for them. I always like to hear what they are thinking since small children don't know how to filter their thoughts.
This is the first picture Noah has taken for me with our digital camera, thus it is a little sideways.


Marci said...

You look fabulous! I have to say I was thinking how small you look for 30 weeks, but I know what you mean about the naked thing. My girls always liked to tell me how big my bum is. I like to keep it in perspective that compared to their bums, mine is rather large.

Sorry the kids are driving you crazy. I think it is the change in seasons. That seems funny to say since we haven't had any change except it's warm/hot not really hot anymore. Kids sense it. My girls have been a little more excitable this week. (trying to keep my mind focused on the positive ;)

Fairbanks Family said...

You look so cute!! Noah did a great job with the picture. Hopefully your boys start acting a little more pleasant for you, I know what you mean our kids have been a little crazy this week too. When Seth gets home I hope that makes them happier.

Chrystal Wilcox said...

you look cute, I especially like the shirt on you. I agree people are really not so cute when naked. My son has asked me many times if I am pregnant and when I respond no he proceeds to tell me I need to go on a diet. I thought your little boys comments were hillarious. Are they still deciding on that marraige bill or have they already passed same sex marrages?

camilleDalton said...

You are so tiny! I can't believe you are thirty weeks! By that time in both of my pregnancies even my mother was asking if I was sure I was not having twins, parents can be just as honest as three year olds.