Sunday, October 26, 2008

Promised pictures

Here are the pictures I have been promising.

After 10 weeks of working on our shed, which is actually only Saturdays and the occassional weeknight when Seth gets home before dark, it is finished. This time period also includes 2 weeks of being out of town. Here is my beautiful shed that my husband built with his own 2 hands. It is officially done and we are now trying to decide how best to utilize our additional 200 square feet.

Hannah is growing SO fast. Here are the boys with her.

This is Hannah mauling Jacob. You can see she is just about as long as he is and she had her first vet visit on Friday and weighs 21 pounds at 12 weeks old. I'm SO glad my baby isn't going to grow quite that fast.

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Fairbanks Family said...

Your shed is awesome, Seth did a great job. I can't believe your dog is that big already, I am glad babies don't grow that fast too.