Monday, February 4, 2008

Today I begin anew

As a New Year Resolution, I had started reading the Book of Mormon from the beginning with the intention of completing it before the year end. Today, I received an email with the Hinckley Challenge as a link. I was delighted to learn that there is a group together reading the Book of Mormon from cover to cover in 97 days in honor of President Hinckley and his love of the Book of Mormon. I went and created an account and within 5 minutes over 500 people had joined. This is growing and I think it will be exciting to watch since we can all update our progress and it shows you exactly how much you have to read to finish in time. So anyone who wants to join go to and sign up today. Join the other Warriors who have accepted the challenge. Just for fun check out this link:; it shows where everyone is from. I just saw someone from Uraguay join. This will be a huge boost to all of our testimonies. Enjoy.

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