Monday, February 11, 2008

Random tidbits- REALLY March 20th

By the way, this post was started on February 11th but I just finished it on March 20, 2008.

I know this is longer than the weekend after my procedure and I hope no one was too worried. The "procedure" was more intense thatn I initially thought or was led to believe. Anyway, everything went great, recovery went great and the tests all came back that everything is fine. While they were inside me they removed my IUD so we will inevitably be pregnant next month. I'm thrilled at the prospect. I'm ready to be moving on to the next stage, watching the kids grow up but I know our family isn't complete yet so I'd like to move that part of the ride along.

This week has been so hectic. Monday, I couldn't get any of my errands done because I had locked my keys in the van. I couldn't even pick Noah up from school. Today, I ran all over creation to collect birth certificates for my kids so I can register them for school. What a pain in the butt. Ahh, but now it's done, everyone is signed up for school and now I can relax on that issue.

We had great news this week! Noah made it into the charter school we wanted him to get in. It's a school that specializes on the arts, visual & performing. He is ecstatic and I couldn't be more excited for him to have a more rounded education than is traditionally offered now. After his audition, I commented about how proud I was of him and he said, "I'm proud of me too". Why can't they always have this image of self worth? I'm not ready for him to stop believing he can do anything.

Benjamin taught me a small lesson is humility this week. He is 2 and on Monday night while I was making dinner, I heard him asking Seth to "teach me to say axk (ask), Daddy." Now, my other kids usually start things with "but I can't", Benjamin is different. He always wants to give it his all. So after a few minutes with Dad, I heard him cheering. Then he ran into the kitchen, "Mommy, tell me to say ask"- clear as day. He was so thrilled with his small accomplishment. I couldn't resist giving him extra loves to show that I was proud of him too.

On Friday, I am going to devote some of my day to figuring out how to make my blog more interesting. I want to add some pictures, music, cool links, and a fun background. So hopefully there will be something interesting to see beginning of next week.


Marci said...

Yeah! I am so happy to see you back at the blog! If there is anything on my blog that you like, you can just click on it and it will link you to the site. (I have borrowed most everything from other blogs this way!)

Terry Family said...

Is this really Natasha Knight?! I got your comment on my blog, and I linked over to your blog, but I couldn't figure out who the Oldfields were. It wasn't until I saw your husband's name, Seth, that I connected it! Your kids are so cute -- I can't believe you have 3 already! Even more I can't believe that I almost have a 4-year-old! Life goes by so quickly. Well, I'm glad you're blogging so we can all get updates as life passes by!

Marci said...

Hi! I tagged you, please play check out my blog!